Yesterday me and my friends visited Ubbalamadugu waterfalls which is located at Chittur district of Andrapradesh. The Ubbalamadugu waterfalls, also know as TADA falls, is a little know tourist destination. Since it is around 94KM from Chennai we decided to go through bike.Our journey started on 7.15 AM from Guindy.

Since most of us has no ideas on the new flyover build at Kathipara. We spend around 20 minutes by travelling several lines on the Kathipara Junction. From that silly activity we went through Poonamalle high road to reach Thiruvallur. On the way to Thiruvallur we had our breakfast at 9.00am.

Between Thiruvallur and Varadayya Palem we met an accident. Since the speadbreaker at Satyvedu touched the foot rest of our bike, which made me and Arjun fell down infront of around 50 people. There is no big injuries but some scraches in my leg and Arjun’s Palm. We resumed the journey after 5 min.

We reached Varadayya Palem at 11.30 am and had some snacks and tea. From there we have to travel 7KM to reach the entrance of the Ubbalamadugu waterfalls. After paying the fees at the forest check post we went inside. From the forest check post to the parking area the road is very tough. At last we reached the parking area.

From the parking area we have to walk around 3 KM to reach a small temple near the stream. We reached the stream. The water is very clear and pure, but some discrepant have brokened the alcohol bottles inside the stream. So we walked the stream with care. From that temple we have to move 2 KM to reach the origin of the waterfalls. On the way we met S.P.B Charan, son of famous singer SPB. He is also a singer and actor. We had some photographs with him.

After walking around 1.5Km from the temple there is a big vertical rock which is more than 15ft high. Although we checked whether any other way is there to reach the top but we can’t find. We stopped our travel and took bath from the near by stream. After a one hour bath we start packing and returned. Although the travelling was very exciting, we can’t able to see origin of the water falls.

Ubbalamadugu aka TADA Falls
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