The anti-corruption movement in India is taking a big leap with the government planning to make a strong Lokpal bill before the end of winter session. Still some conflicting messages arise from the Anna’s team which consists of people, who have illegally tried different ways to get the government concessions for their personal benefit. Also Swami Agnivesh, who was important icon of this team, has raised the questions over the lack of transparency about donations made to India Against Corruption (IAC).

Even though such accusations may be normal for many organizations, here the goal of the organization is to destroy the corruption. In most organization, when a key member is charged with accusation, it is a common procedure to keep the person out on moral grounds. But here the key member who staged an exaggerated performance against political class is charged for altering the travel invoices and charging her clients with more fare than the actual. This shows the mindset of the people who wants to make quick money by unethical means. Rather than taking action on these kinds of people, the team Anna is making an attempt to complain the government by saying that officials/politicians are trying to tarnish the credibility of team Anna.

I won’t ever oppose anybody, if they say that the Team Anna is in the hands of right wing politicians, who want to mobilize the crowds to destroy the secular democratic fabric of our country.

Why we shouldn’t follow Anna & his Team
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