As per the newspaper reports on 10th July it is known that Indian government sends safeguards agreement to International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board without discussing it with public(ie., in parliament) and also in a situation where left has revoked the support for the government.

It was learned that government has done contrary to external affairs minister Mr. Pranab Mukerjee’s assurance that process of finalizing India’s safeguard agreement with the IAEA would begin only after the current government pass the floor test. I want to know why this happened. Why government went in a hurry to IAEA without waiting for floor test.

Day before yesterday Mr. Mukherjee referred to the safeguard as a “privileged” document which is to be held between government of India and IAEA secretariat. But it is know that IAEA statute contains no reference regarding the circulation of the document by a member state. Why the government hide the details from parliament. As a citizen of India dodn’t we have the rights to know or at least to our elected members of parliament?

What’s in the agreement, don’t we have the rights to know!!
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