For the past few months so called ‘Civil Society’, with the help of some neo journalists are trying to hijack the Indian democracy. India’s big media houses relate all the black dots with politicians, which gave them a huge fan base of people who are affected with politicophobia. The recent stunt by Anna Hazare got an unwanted media hype which resulted in groups not constituted legally cross the line of decency, trying to hijack the constitutional procedures and ends in a great mess.

These anarchists group think themselves as a super organ above the three pillars of our constitution which is un acceptable. They are trying to make a law without having much discussion and planning. These groups consist of self-selected people who proclaim themselves as a consultant for solving the corruption and need their fatwas to be written as laws.

Is it ethical to revolt against the government, for a law which is in initial draft. Why can’t they discuss their ideas with fellow MPs, especially with the opposition MPs and ask them to reject that bill.

Why these groups and media did houses kept quiet on innovative idea of making a law which makes the bribe taker responsible for the whole transaction. Why there wasn’t any discussion on this idea given by Kaushik Basu, chief economic adviser to the Finance Ministry.

It is good to fight against corruption, which is a cancer. But in Indian scenario the core issue lies in the lack of transparency and the attitude.

The strange part is that, these so called civil societies were blind on Justice Dinakaran, blind on Karnataka’s mining brothers, blind on Gujarat government’s action against respectful police officers. They are not concerned on the people, but only want to be a super organ above the government.

The Super Organ called Civil Society
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