Several Innocent minority youths are in various jails waiting for the justice for a long time and with no progress in their trail. In most of the cases security agencies deliberately making bogus evidence and extract false confessions by using force. As per the election manifesto Uttar Pradesh government filed application in various courts to withdraw bogus cases against these minority youths. However Allahabad high court, while looking into the petition filed by some advocates, has stayed the government from doing so.

The minorities’ human rights violations are increasing in the grab of terrorism. Even though different human right and minority organizations are raising their voice against the violations, no political organization has taken any stern action to stop these atrocities.

The accused youths and their family members including their wife and children’s are living under the social stigma. Recently the voice for these innocent youth has raised eyebrows of some of political organization. And they are just doing eyewash by issuing orders which are not valid in court. There are several people who are charged with different flimsy cases. Detailed study on this has found that many of the FIRs are suspiciously same.

Rather than revoking the cases against these accused youths, the government should act and do necessary steps to make sure a fair and fast trail against these cases. Unless government increase the momentum of these trails the innocent people will lost their youth in the jails.

Need of the hour is fair and fast trail and not withdrawal
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