Now the news channel are showing live broadcast of Anna’s drama from Delhi, whose all fair and practical demands have been accepted by the government and the opposition. But he didn’t end his fasting, in order to satisfy his team’s ego and greed. But not so far Manipur is witnessing a sole woman’s fight against the truly undemocratic and dangerous Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA).

People of India is celebrating the Anna’s drama, they feel sorry when a 74 year old taking a fasting for 10 days demanding his autocratic bill needs to be passed without much discussion. But in the Manipur, people don’t have right to freely move, if army feels anything suspicious then they will fire without much thoughts.

Women are raped and killed. Any time you may hit by a bullet from insurgents or more likely from an army men. If you hit by insurgent you are going to be a martyr and if you are hit by an army’s bullet you are sealed as suspected terrorist. Neither your act nor word decides your fate, but the bullets.

Imphal, a city which is different from other Indian cities where people don’t have right to protest, even they are denied the electricity, water or a good road. Most areas having sufficient water supplies are occupied by the government agents including army. People fear to leave their homes. The rule of land is in the hands of well armed Indian Army and militant groups.

Government appointed a judicial committee to look the Manipur’s affair; he submitted his recommendation to the government six years back. He recommends the withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, but government doesn’t have any change in their stand.

But less number of elite’s class are concerned. Their news room is more interested to show a person, Anna, who is taking care by a set of doctors. And even I suspect that the team Anna is doing their drama to collect money from crowds.

Let think about Sharmila, who fights for the past 10 years just to assure her people’s right to live.

Lone Woman fighting for her freedom, but news room is not interested.
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2 thoughts on “Lone Woman fighting for her freedom, but news room is not interested.

  • August 27, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Hello its me sujith. Hey u r right about Govt. turned a blind eye on Irom Sharmila's issue. But don't blame Anna Hazare for the media hype, b'coz the hype is mainly b'coz, this issue (corruption) concerns every one and people are interested.
    And with Irom Sharmila's case, that issue concerns only Manipur and may be north-eastern states. Basically people are only interested in issues concerning them, the mass don't usually speak for some one else its always the other way around,i.e. someone has to speak for the mass.
    And you know very well that she has been doing this for 10 years and Govt. just don't care, b'coz people of India don't care. If they stood up for her the situation would have been different.

  • August 27, 2011 at 11:44 AM

    Thinking about the humanity is not insane. Manipur is a part of India. Manipur is also an India's problem. And Anna's struggle doesn't need any more media hype, since government and opposition had reached a consensus. Now he just continues his fasting for his ego.

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