The Indian media, especially the TV, acted like an extended arm of the Modi campaign arrangement. Reports suggest that during the election campaign the media allotted nearly a third of television prime time to Modi compared to the 10.3% for Arvind Kejriwal and 4.3% for Rahul Gandhi.

Also they never try to verify the Modi’s claims of achievements and his impromptu allegations against his political opposition, but casted as a messiah of a new order.

“Repeat, Repeat, Repeat” was the election strategy of the Modi’s campaign and our media acted like force multipliers for Modi. Even though the main stream print media take a more cautious approach in their treatment of Modi, visual media failed. Visual media showed he is decisive, but hide fact that he is divisive.

They projected him as development messiah, but never talked on his centralization of power and authoritarian tendencies. The media never asked about the unprecedented amount of funds flow to one part. An estimate of more than Rs.5000 crore has been spent on Modi’s campaign, which is only a little less than $986 million that United States President Barack Obama spent on his 2012 presidential campaign.

This was an election where media never tried to interrogate the claims of Modi’s past achievements and future promises. Media not only forget the Gujarat 2002, their selective amnesia assured that people never discuss about the fake encounters, the farmers suicide in Gujarat, tax breaks for corporates (including the a loan of 9570 crores at 0.1% interest for Tata for an investment of 2900 crore for Tata Nano for 20 years with tax breaks and free electricity), the CAG reports on undue benefits to the corporates, the reports on malnutrition among the India’s Gujarati girls.

India’s Modified Media
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