There is no doubt that corruption is a major issue today. We have several legal and institutional arrangements; we have a number of laws like Prevention of Corruption Act, the Prevention of Money Laundering Act., the Central Vigilance Commission Act, and at last one Right of Information Act.

These laws are well equipped to tackle corruption, but the current generation thinks political party without discrimination is blocking all the guardians to work independently and now has come with a new idea of having another separate organization which is independent from the political hands.

But the question is whether this will work? Because until the morale of the guardians improve, any number of organization won’t achieve the objective. People are in a hurry in finding short cuts, rather than a sustainable solution. Take examples of Nira Radia tapes, big corporate houses are finding shortcut ways to achieve their business demands, and one or two popular journalists are helping this trend. Even now this journalist is fighting for new bill, but the real problem lies in her conduct. Believing that corruption will end, if the Jan Lokpal is enacted, would be a monumental error. 

I don’t know who is drinking this Kool-Aid. The notion that you pass some magical bill and corruption will go away is simplistic… That’s certainly not the way you should be thinking about this issue – Nandan Nilekani

Always people want to get their demands immediately, and the autocratic demand of passing the Anna’s Jan-Lokpal in parliament is the latest demand. But the so called Gandhian(by some media), Anna should have patiently submit their version before the standing committee for consideration and should  have some level of confidence in Parliament and await the outcome. Then if he finds any this missing in standing committee’s recommendation, then he should have started the agitation.

The peoples who lead the current Anna’s agitation is are those who are neither affected by the corruption nor know the feeling of the people who are affected with the ill effects of corruption. They watch the big scams that happened in and around the big cities like Delhi and Mumbai. But the real and worst level corruption happens in the lowest level of our society.

Nandan Nilekani says “For millions of people in India, corruption happens at the point of interaction, when they’re trying to access the Public Distribution System (PDS), or their pension or trying to open a bank account opened, when they move from the village to the city and nobody recognises them… That’s where corruption happens”

If Anna’s team is sincere, to eradicate the corruption, why are they adamant on areas situated around India’s capital? Why can’t they travel around the country to discuss about the corruption? And seek the support of the rural population? The way our respectable Gandhi has done?  Is this because the team Anna or big media teams around them hesitated to break from their comfort zone?

The real truth is that the current Anna team is not concerned or interested to work with poor, who are affected with corruption, land grabbing and discrimination. The so called media hype is there because it is happening in the elite cities. The shameful truth is that most supporters in the Anna don’t know what is in the Jan Lokpal/Lokpal Draft bill, but they are attracted by the presence of new cameras. And in my opinion it is the cheapest way that a person like Anna has asked the support of religious leaders and right wing organizations for his protest.

We need to remember that only less media coverage was given for agitation happened against Posco or Tata, where a whole village was striving for their lively hood. Also don’t forget about the Iron Shamila, who started her fast-unto-death since 10 years. If the media are worthy, how they forget to show those pictures.

Also if the Anna is honestly concerned about corruption, where did these people went when both Judiciary and Lokayukta was accusing about the Mining brothers and Chief Minister of a state? Why these teams are not talking for the honest police officers who are recently been unethically suspended?
What about the army officers who are included in housing scam?

Anna and his team are just holding the protest to destroy the political system and want to exploit the people who are affected by politico phobia. Neither they are concerned about the corruption nor do they want to come out of their comfort zones to join with the ordinary citizen. If they were concerned citizen they should have voiced for Nandigram, Orissa and for Greater Noida village men.

India’s corruption and elite Anna’s drama
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