It may be a truth that Anna Hazare is the messiah for the Ralegan Siddhi, he opposes the election process, he delivers judgment, decides the future of the village men and with his fellow followers he rules that village. But being a messiah of a small village, will it entails him to control a nation, which is having democratically elected people’s representative and with a well established law.

With some small set of elite Indian middle class, he is geraoing the people’s representatives. Now his followers start to beat the law makers. He is trying to misguide the people that corruption will end if his Jan Lokpal is enacted. And the media’s which always looking to their TRPs is showing live updates of his activities like a spiritual channel.  And most of the Indian godmen are taking the role of his servants. But the question of the hour is whether this will solve the ground reality of corruption?

Will this end the people like Raja to think better? Will this change the mindset of the greedy people? Will this make a change in the mind of a TTE, who asks for a bribe? Will this change the Coca-Cola’s act of exploiting the common’s water? Will this end the Endosulfan lobby? Will this end the era of Harshad Mehta? Will this ends the killing of innocent people by Indian army in the Kashmir Valley or at Manipur? Will this make a change the mindset of the students who killed their professor? Will this make a change in the people who are looting the country with hiding their income in their income tax returns? Will this end the godmen, who exploit the money, brain and women of the people who follows?

Can India’s problem be solved with a messaih?
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One thought on “Can India’s problem be solved with a messaih?

  • August 28, 2011 at 4:39 AM

    kiran bedi was an idol but after supporting anna hazare in this crime she has fallen down her respect in eye of those who respect law

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