It is a national shame when our official functions are repeatedly been disturbed. Two recent functions attended by Modi have not allowed the Chief Ministers of the respective state to speak. Mr. Modi and his team should understand that it is very simple to have a hired crowd to boo against Modi too.

In any official meetings, usually if anyone disturbs the decorum, leaders in the dais will act to calm the crowd or the police machinery will move the crowd out of the meeting hall. But here BJP leaders or its PM neither intervened, but is enjoying the obscenity.

BJP leaders project this as a sign of his popularity and the public disapproval of the latter. But they should understand that Modi is the PM of the country and the meeting lead / inaugurated by PM should keep the decency and decorum, instead of being behaving in cowardly manner. It is very bad for a person who sits in the highest position of the country and not acting against the crowd who disturbs the speech of its Chief Minister of the State.

Uncivilized carders behave badly, but why Modi keeping quiet?
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