The sexual assault by Tarun Tejpal is not pardonable by his apologize. His act of assaulting a women staff inside Grand Hyatt hotel’s lift and then trying different ways to hide the crime has done more damage to the ideology of his organization “Tehelka” and challenging its existence. To decrease the shame caused to the Indian journalism it is necessary for all the media fraternity to support and sponsor the journalist who raised this crime to get appropriate punishment and a fair justice.

Indian politicians and executives are always keeping the shadow of sexual assault cases with times. We always hear of black political power houses grabbing the virginity and there is now we are not surprised to hear such news from the political houses. However now the Judiciary who to deliver the justice and the Journalists who tell the truth are using their power to sexually assault and this shows the deteriorating social conditions.

I too agree that the Tarun Tejpal’s act is not pardonable and Shoma Chaudhury should be questioned for her inaction and laziness on a serious complaint and the way she handled the complaint. But I can’t agree with some miscreants, mainly our opposition party, who are parading to destroy the “Tehelka”. Already the resignations of two chief journalists has done much damage to this organization, which showed courage to stand against the corporate and power houses at a time most our media houses bestowed to corporate for economic benefits. And we should never forget that Tehelka become famous by sharing the story of corruption from our defense force. Once an online magazine, it stopped working due to severe external pressure. Then it was resumed as a print magazine later.

While fascists and MNC’s were raping the Mother India, Tehelka stood courageously against the black hands to sent us the news about the deprived society. This reinstated and assured us that the journalistic adventure is here to stay. It was the Tehelka who stood in the side of innocent young citizens, who are jailed just because of their religion and creed. It is much appreciated that Tehelka stood alone to fight for them and showed courage to stood with innocent young citizens, at that time the other media painted black on all those who talk about their right and their innocence.

Now the people who are parading against Tehelka and waiting for its last rite includes media houses which showed their courtesy though the Radia Tapes Scandal. These are media houses who explains us that talking against the rapes done by our own security forces in Kashmir & Assam are anti-national. These media houses depicts all those who are against the APSFA as terrorists.

We can sent the culprits to courts for trail and we can give them severe punishment, but can’t stop an organization like Tehelka, which stands for the justice of hundreds of downtrodden.

Live Long Tehelka
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