India’s Planning commission had spent whopping Rs 35 lakh to renovate two toilets at Yojana Bhavan. Considering this with the latest poverty line, the amount spend on the toilets will make 4500 people to live above the poverty line for a month.

In the past month, P.Sainath reported on The Hindu about how the Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia spends money for his foreign trips between the May and October 2011. Dr. Ahluwalia’s had spend Rs. 3640140/- between May and October 2011 which comes an average cost of Rs 2.02 lakh a day.

The amount spent by the planning commission alone for his foreign trip is approximately 9,000 times greater the rural poverty line of 22.42 or approx. 7,000 times greater than urban poverty line of 28.65.

India’s Luxurious Planning Commission
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