By refusing to allow Parliament to pass a resolution to condemn Israel for its military action on Gaza’s civilians, the government of India has deviated from its usual stand of being with the civilians. The latest twist on its foreign policy is to satisfy its appetite for the arms supplied by the Israel.

Only few Indians remember that two decades before India has even refused to keep an embassy in Israel. Now India is trying to build a strategic partnership with Israel and it matters more than lives of thousands of Palestine.

The great leaders of India have always stood against the idea of Israel. On 1938 Gandhi wrote that “Surely it would be a crime against humanity”. India’s first prime minister, Nehru, voted against Israel joining the United Nations in 1949. In 1974, India was the first non-Arab state to recognize the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) as the official representative of Palestinians.

Even though few critics pointed this as a cynical bid to court India’s large Muslim vote, many believed this as an echo of their own worldview in the struggle of a secular and multi-religious PLO against an Israeli state defined by religion.

India’s love with Israeli arms
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