Appreciating the army chief for embarrassing the Indian government by making a statement to the media and writing the story to government, rather than informing the CBI at the instance and being proactive. I am afraid to see an army chief making tears after missing an opportunity to caught the corrupt business men. Is our army chief really eligible to continue in his post?

Now the media is telling a story that the army chief is ‘dumbfounded’, and it is a informal to complain to the police, but only to write the story to his ministry. But recently the same army chief filed a petition to the supreme court for increasing his term via a Date of Birth change and thus creating a unhealthy precedent.

While for his personal benefit if he can overrule the traditions and can go to the supreme court, why didn’t he call the military/police to save the nation from corruption.  Really I won’t trust him because he didn’t acted on time and is now eligible to held his post.

By this kind of action it is clear that Mr. Singh wants to embarrass the government, which turned down his plea on changing the date of birth. My thought says our current chief is too fool to understand the dignity of his institution

Good Job Mr. Singh for your inaction and missing the opportunity
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