The India government, headed by Modi, which reportedly works in a secretive manner by avoiding TV cameras in and outside the Raisina Hill, had leaked the Intelligence Bureau (IB) report titled ‘Impact of NGOs on Development’. The report says that some of the foreign funded NGOs damage the economic progress of India. The government, rather than verifying legal aspects such organizations, is trying to discredit some sections of civil society which asks uncomfortable questions.

In a democracy, the non-governmental organizations create an arena to the common man to voice his concerns in a reasoned manner. In other way it helps him to stop the government from imposing something he didn’t wanted. By creating a smoke around such well reputed organization such as Greenpeace, which work under the constitutional framework, the intelligence bureau is paving way to govern without any dissent or creating an environment so that the any effluent can impose anything against the poor.

It is evident that every government in the past regardless of its political manifesto is intolerant of inconvenient criticism that targets scams, riots, dams, nuclear plants or corruption. And by discrediting the NGOs the people will hear only the voices of political leader and corporate run journalists. Hence creating only a little space for the common man to debate, because the government sidelines him after sealing him as an anti national.

By making the IB report public without verifying the legality, the Government wants it citizens to madly believe in the development model orchestrated by corporate leaders for their industrial expansion through overnight urbanization and exploitation of Nature. The current IB report which declares the citizens opposing development projects as agents of western powers shows their prejudiced view.

Therefore Modi’s government, instead of discrediting the dissents, should hear the voices of the common man and should respect his fundamental right to dissent and protest within the defined constitutional framework.

Discredit, to destroy the dissent
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