The BJP has given a free hand to their supporters to chase their dissents, attack and then kill all in the name of Nationalism. The recent events in New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Patiala House courts has exposed mindset of the Narendra Modi government. It is clear that the state deliberately stamps all those who ideologically oppose them as Anti-Nationalist. These activities questions our signature of the freedom movement, which was to expel the British, without hatred. Rather than taking action on the persons who spread communal venom, the state machinery have arrested innocent students just because they have raised Azadi slogans.

Rohith Vemula of Hyderabad University was holding candle of liberal thinking and fearless criticism when he and his friends tried to host the event highlighting the miseries of the people (mostly Muslims) affected by the horrors of organized violence against them in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh as part of the build-up towards polarizing votes on communal lines before the parliamentary elections in 2014. However the HRD Minister has shot 5 letters to the University to take action against the students and noted their activities as Anti-Nationalism.

The BJPs MPs and its leaders are terrorizing all those who does not adhere to “one language, one faith, one nation” ideology, which questions the basic nature of our country “Unity in Diversity”. For them all those who oppose their ideology are anti-nationalist and asked leave the country to go to Pakistan.

It is clear that the JNU issue was twisted to make it fit for the government to accuse the University students, teachers and it administration as Anti Nationals. First the media, who supports the BJP, runs a morphed video mixed with the anti national slogans. Then the Delhi police, without any validation accepts a tweet from a fake account to connect the JNU student activities with Pakistan. Then government applies sedation law. After when the arrested students are taken to the court, lynch mobs  is taking law into their own hands. Police chief supports the hooligans who attacked the journalist and teachers who were present in the court campus.

After all these event, HRD Minister Smirti misrepresents the fact inside the Parliament house, just win an argument. How can a common man trusts this government, its cabinet minister themselves telling lie and to support the hooligans. The PM as always is silent on this important matter too and seems he handed over the baton to Mob. And the mob has won the battle against the innocent commons, not only on Delhi, but in Haryana and Gujarat too.

Criminalisation in the name of Nationalism
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