Pity Indian newspapers are working as a customized news agent for the companies who gave ad. The story of BT cotton by TOI can be referred as an example. Also in Kerala all the newspapers went blind on the raids conducted by the Kerala drug control authorities on manufacturers and wholesale dealers of Indulekha Bringha Complete Hair Care oil, Indulekha Complete Skin Cream, Sreedhareeyam Smartlean, Dhathri Fair Skin Cream, Dhathri hair care herbal oil.

The media who steals the privacy of celebrities and politicians went blind on the cheating companies, just to show their courtesy to their ad payments. This is the high time to say that news you receiving through the news media’s are now censored and customized as per the ad payers. The media are giving only the dump news which are known to all and doesn’t have any solutions and is only against the government servants and politicians, to protect their ad customers.

So the time has come to avoid the traditional medias and to depend to the social media to get the truth out of an event. Only difference I am seeing with The Hindu. The Hindu has always showed their editorial integrity and I appreciate the news paper for being unique.

Indian newspaper’s courtesy – a dangerous precedent.
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