The art of living business leader, Sri Sri Ravishankar, blames the government schools for breeding the naxals and wants to stop government from running the schools. Its appears like in the eyes of guruji all the people who completes education from the government school is going to join as naxalite.

The guruji should give more clarity to his views, since there are more than 16 crore children of age below 14 years are now studying in the government schools in India. And also should clarify whether to abolish all the government education system like colleges and universities.

As per his stand only the students from the private school are moving ahead with ideals. Really shame Mr. Ravi Shankar, since for getting some claps from a RSS team, you had defamed whole staffs and students of government schools.

I suspect, if tomorrow, he starts a political party like the one by our Baba Ramdev, we can feel the social transformation through art of private schooling.

Guruji wants to stop Indian government from running schools
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