It is well known that the most companies do a performance review of employees at the year end. The objective of this process is to reward the employees. But sad to tell this will end up with bad politics and partiality. Here are some contradictory review comments given by the project leaders and their petty politics.

1) Those who ask release from their project are given a low rating and send him out, even though he worked smartly

2) Those who join the project lately are given a low rating, even their productivity is much higher than others, because they work less time for the project.

3) Only your last three months counts, even your performance is well for 9 months and you worked smart and become ill and took leave then you loosed your all good name.

4) If you are helping other teams, then they may ask you “Why you are helping other team? Please concentrate in your work’

5) If you didn’t help others at that time they may ask ‘You should help others to get a good appraisal’

So it is better not to work hard or smart because your rating is fixed by several factors, for example the project manager’s mood, which is not related to work. The good option is play for the first 9 months and work hard for the three months. Now I am going to try the latest. Let us see, what happens

Also if you think that more comments needs to be added. Please comment below, I will update the post.

Performance Appraisal or a Year End Joke?
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