Yesterday when I came to office, security was enhanced. Also some special and new securities are standing inside the office premises; they dressed in a special manner and resembled the Presidential Guards. Traffic inside the office was well managed. The Walkie-Talkie echoed infinitely

I thought of the day when our then CEO Ramadorai came to office, we had these special guards to welcome him. But the security arrangements are normal then. So I discussed with friends about the new arrangements and told them that our new CEO may visit our office.

But while returning after my obligatory prayer at noon, the Upper Slit of our building is packed with associates. I asked a security guard about the VIP. He told they are waiting for Ratan Tata.

Then what, I waited there to see him and also called my friends to the upper slit, after 15 minutes, Ratan Tata came along with my former CEO Ramadorai. I was in confusion on whether I need to take a snap or enjoy the moment. At last I choose the second.

Our Chairman, Ratan Tata visits our office.
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