After a long time(18 months) I am reading a book on general topic. I felt lazy after coming to US even though I have good libraries and more opportunity to read. However I decided to read Noam Chomsky’s book after watching a video of current Kerala Minster for Education, Mr. C. Ravindranath, where he instructs to read a book of Mr. Chomsky.

Imperial Ambitions contains Mr. Chomsky’s conversation with interviewer David Barsamian. I am quoting some of the sentences from this book.

.. if India invades Pakistan to put an end to monstrous atrocities, that’s not a norm. But if United States bombs Serbia on dubious grounds, that’s a norm. That’s what power means …

.. The easiest way to establish a new norm, such as the right to preventive war, is to select a completely defenseless target, which can be easily overwhelmed by the most massive military force in human history. However, in order to do that credibly, at least in the eyes of your own population, you have to frighten people..

.. The United States must be the only country in the world where someone could be called a terrorist for defending his own country from attack ..

.. One of the first acts in the conquest of Falluja was to take over the general hostpital, which was a major war crime. And they gave a reason. The reason is the hospital was a “center of propaganda against allied forces” because it was producing “inflated civilian casualty figures.” First of all, how do we know they were inflated? Because our dear leader said so. Secondly, the idea that you take over a hospital because it’s publishing casualty figures is obscene. The Geneva Conventions could not be more clear. The wording says explicitly and clearly that “Medical and religious personnel shall be respected and protected and shall be granted all available help for the performance of their duties….Medical units and transports shall be respected and protected at all times and shall not be respected and protected at all times and shall not be the object of attack.” In the attack on Falluja General Hospital, patients were kicked out of their beds and doctors and patients were forced to lie on the floor, handcuffed. This is a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions. In fact the entire political leadership should face the death penalty under U.S law for these actions. They’re all eligible for the death penalty, according to the War Crimes Act passed by the 1996 Republican Congress. ..


Imperial Ambitions by Noam Chomsky
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