Can India’s problem be solved with a messaih?

It may be a truth that Anna Hazare is the messiah for the Ralegan Siddhi, he opposes the election process, he delivers judgment, decides the future of the village men and with his fellow followers he rules that village. But being a messiah of a small village, will it entails him to control a nation, which is having democratically elected people’s representative and with a well established law.

India’s corruption and elite Anna’s drama

There is no doubt that corruption is a major issue today. We have several legal and institutional arrangements; we have a number of laws like Prevention of Corruption Act, the Prevention of Money Laundering Act., the Central Vigilance Commission Act, and at last one Right of Information Act. And India is going to enact another law to curb this menace and a self proclaimed Gandhi named Anna has come with his own draft and whole corporate media is showing his drama.

The Super Organ called Civil Society

For the past few months so called ‘Civil Society’, with the help of some neo journalists are trying to hijack the Indian democracy. India’s big media houses relate all the black dots with politicians, which gave them a huge fan base of people who are affected with politicophobia. The recent stunt by Anna Hazare got an unwanted media hype which resulted in groups not constituted legally cross the line of decency, trying to hijack the constitutional procedures and ends in a great mess.