Repeal AFSPA and make everyone accountable

The recent firing by the army had costed 2 innocent lives in the Kashmir. This was latest killing done by the soldier. The initial reason given by the army was not convincing and they finally apologized & announced the compensation. The outside world came to know the incident only through the lone survivor, who escaped from the spot. If there were no witness for the incident, this shooting too should have ignored and the victims may be sealed as terrorists.

India’s love with Israeli arms

By refusing to allow Parliament to pass a resolution to condemn Israel for its military action on Gaza’s civilians, the government of India has deviated from its usual stand of being with the Palestine civilians. The latest twist on its foreign policy is to satisfy its appetite for the arms supplied by the Israel.

Discredit, to destroy the dissent

The recent Intelligence Bureau (IB) report titled ‘Impact of NGOs on Development’ is an idea to govern without any dissent or creating an environment so that the any effluent can impose anything against the poor. Instead of discredit the dissents through such IB reports, government should hear the voices of the common man and should respect his fundamental right to dissent and protest within the defined constitutional framework.

India’s Modified Media

This was an election where media never tried to interrogate the claims of Modi’s past achievements and future promises. Media not only forget the Gujarat 2002, their selective amnesia assured that people never discuss about the fake encounters, the farmers suicide in Gujarat, tax breaks for corporates (including the a loan of 9570 crores at 0.1% interest for Tata for an investment of 2900 crore for Tata Nano for 20 years with tax breaks and free electricity), the CAG reports on undue benefits to the corporates, the reports on malnutrition among the Gujarat girls.